2017 Oral presentation and Poster during 13th International Neuromodulation Society, Edinburgh, title: “Patients’ expectations on SCS for failed back surgery syndrome: a qualitative exploration”

During the 13th World Congress of the INS in Edinburgh (27 May-1 June), our researcher Dylan Henssen presented our study titled “Patients’ expectations on spinal cord stimulation for failed back surgery syndrome: a qualitative exploration”.

The results of this study show that pain intensity is not the principal domain that patients expect changes in. This study suggests that future (pre-)clinical studies that investigate SCS should include both primary and secondary outcome measurements. More specific, next to modifications in pain scores, changes in daily activity, mood, sleep and daily medication intake should be assessed as some of them might be more important than pain reduction to improve quality of life. Furthermore, providing extensive information before the spinal cord stimulation procedure is carried out remains of crucial importance. One way to achieve improvement can be found in additional patient to patient education.

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